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    Contrastive Knowledge Graph Attention Network for Request-based Recipe Recommendation
    Xiyao Ma, Zheng Gao, Qian Hu, and Mohamed Abdelhady
    IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2022
  2. IJCNN
    Contrastive Co-training for Diversified Recommendation
    Xiyao Ma, Qian Hu, Zheng Gao, and Mohamed AbdelHady
    International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) 2022
  3. IJCNN
    HCL: Hybrid Contrastive Learning for Graph-based Recommendation
    Xiyao Ma, Zheng Gao, Qian Hu, and Mohamed AbdelHady
    International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) 2022
  4. iConference
    Improving Community Detection Performance in Heterogeneous Music Network by Learning Edge-Type Usefulness Distribution
    Zheng Gao, Chun Guo, Shutian Ma, and Xiaozhong Liu
    International Conference on Information 2022


  1. ASRU
    X-SHOT: Learning to Rank Voice Applications Via Cross-Locale Shard-Based Co-Training
    Zheng Gao, Mohamed AbdelHady, Radhika Arava, Xibin Gao, Qian Hu, Wei Xiao, and Thahir Mohamed
    IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop (ASRU) 2021
  2. Interspeech
    Paraphrase Label Alignment for Voice Application Retrieval in Spoken Language Understanding.
    Zheng Gao, Radhika Arava, Qian Hu, Xibin Gao, Thahir Mohamed, Wei Xiao, and Mohamed AbdelHady
    Interspeech 2021
  3. KDD Workshop
    Graphire: Novel Intent Discovery with Pretraining on Prior Knowledge using Contrastive Learning
    Xibin Gao, Radhika Arava, Qian Hu, Thahir Mohamed, Wei Xiao, Zheng Gao, and Mohamed AbdelHady
    KDD Workshop on Pretraining: Algorithms, Architectures, and Applications 2021
  4. KDD Workshop
    Two-stage Voice Application Recommender System for Unhandled Utterances in Intelligent Personal Assistant
    Wei Xiao, Qian Hu, Thahir Mohamed, Zheng Gao, Xibin Gao, Radhika Arava, and Mohamed AbdelHady
    KDD 2nd International Workshop: Industrial Recommendation Systems 2021
  5. EMNLP Workshop
    Collaborative data relabeling for robust and diverse voice apps recommendation in intelligent personal assistants
    Qian Hu, Thahir Mohamed, Zheng Gao, Xibin Gao, Radhika Arava, Xiyao Ma, and Mohamed AbdelHady
    The 3rd Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Conversational AI at EMNLP 2021


  1. SIGIR
    Detecting user community in sparse domain via cross-graph pairwise learning
    Zheng Gao, Hongsong Li, Zhuoren Jiang, and Xiaozhong Liu
    ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR) 2020
  2. ECAI
    Behavior Based Dynamic Summarization on Product Aspects via Reinforcement Neighbour Selection
    Zheng Gao, Lujun Zhao, Heng Huang, Hongsong Li, Changlong Sun, Luo Si, and Xiaozhong Liu
    European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) 2020
  3. WWW
    Task-oriented genetic activation for large-scale complex heterogeneous graph embedding
    Zhuoren Jiang, Zheng Gao, Jinjiong Lan, Hongxia Yang, Yao Lu, and Xiaozhong Liu
    The Web Conference 2020


  1. GECCO
    Efficient personalized community detection via genetic evolution
    Zheng Gao, Chun Guo, and Xiaozhong Liu
    The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2019
  2. BMC
    edge2vec: Representation learning using edge semantics for biomedical knowledge discovery
    Zheng Gao, Gang Fu, Chunping Ouyang, Satoshi Tsutsui, Xiaozhong Liu, Jeremy Yang, Christopher Gessner, Brian Foote, David Wild, Ying Ding, and  others
    BMC bioinformatics 2019
  3. KDD Workshop
    AMAD: adversarial multiscale anomaly detection on high-dimensional and time-evolving categorical data
    Zheng Gao, Lin Guo, Chi Ma, Xiao Ma, Kai Sun, Hang Xiang, Xiaoqiang Zhu, Hongsong Li, and Xiaozhong Liu
    Deep Learning Practice for High-Dimensional Sparse Data Workshop at ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (DLP-KDD), 2019
  4. iConference
    How to make a successful movie: Factor analysis from both financial and critical perspectives
    Zheng Gao, Vincent Malic, Shutian Ma, and Patrick Shih
    International Conference on Information 2019
  5. AJSE
    A two-stage iterative approach to improve crowdsourcing-based relevance assessment
    Yongzhen Wang, Yan Lin, Zheng Gao, and Yan Chen
    Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 2019


  1. EMNLP
    Neural Related Work Summarization with a Joint Context-driven Attention Mechanism
    Yongzhen Wang, Xiaozhong Liu, and Zheng Gao
    Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP) 2018
  2. SIGIR Workshop
    An end-to-end model of predicting diverse ranking on heterogeneous feeds
    Zizhe Gao, Zheng Gao, Heng Huang, Zhuoren Jiang, and Yuliang Yan
    eCOM Workshop at ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (eCom-SIGIR) 2018
  3. CIKM
    Mathematics content understanding for cyberlearning via formula evolution map
    Zhuoren Jiang, Liangcai Gao, Ke Yuan, Zheng Gao, Zhi Tang, and Xiaozhong Liu
    ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) 2018


  1. iConference
    Personalized community detection in scholarly network
    Zheng Gao, and Xiaozhong Liu
    International Conference on Information 2017
  2. iConference
    Internal/external information access and information diffusion in social media
    Tian Xia, Xing Yu, Zheng Gao, Yijun Gu, and Xiaozhong Liu
    International Conference on Information 2017
  3. iConference
    Enter a job, get course recommendations
    Nan Li, Naren Suri, Zheng Gao, Tian Xia, Katy Börner, and Xiaozhong Liu
    International Conference on Information 2017


  1. Hypertext
    Comparing community-based information adoption and diffusion across different microblogging sites
    Xiaozhong Liu, Xing Yu, Zheng Gao, Tian Xia, and Johan Bollen
    ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media 2016